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“We have a new reality in Ireland, where the Church is no longer the dominant voice in society – as it was when I was young.  We have the reality that many are now cultural Catholics rather than Catholics by conviction.  We understand now the words of Saint Pope John Paul II before he left Ireland in 1979 – that each new generation is a new continent to be won for Christ.  Ireland is now mission territory.  Pope Francis has told us that we must see everything we do through the lens of mission.  From now on our focus must be on sowing the seed of the Gospel.  It must be on mission rather than maintenance.” Bishop Leo O’Reilly, Bishop of Kilmore, Knock Shrine – June 2018

The St John Paul Mission fund for Ireland is a response to this new reality, recognising that Ireland now needs to experience a new missionary impulse, to re-evangelise our people. The fund seeks to provide a focus for financial resources to assist evangelistic projects, provide training, develop new programmes, and in some situations recruit staff to serve at a national or local level.

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